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"Emma is a great massage therapist & a wonderful person. She gives a great massage. The only thing wrong with it is that you have to get up afterwards"  S. Christian

"I would love to take Emma home with me, and I told her so! Very professional, well trained. I highly recommend her" B. Bayley

"Emma was awesome! I had a bad experience the day prior and she reassured me, was extremely professional and confident, and did an amazing job!" K. Rosado

"I think that was the best massage I've gotten. Emma was absolutely amazing. My entire body feels great" J. Lacko

"Emma was so kind, gentle ... the experience was delightful" J. Diaz

"Emma was a delight. Will definitely come back" M. Ambrosio

"Loved it!! Awesome massage! Emma was very friendly and actually talked to me a little (perfect amount) instead of being afraid to talk to me. Also took direction very well when I said to focus on my lower back a little, etc. Excellent massage!" A. Frandsen

"Emma was excellent. She listened to what I said about where my pain was and adjusted/addressed it just perfectly" K. Turner

"Great overall. I liked the start w/my face. Good adjustment with pressure. Nice at keeping a point of contact. Good work on my hips." J. Todd

"Everything was perfect! Like always." T. Perry

"Thank you Emma! That really felt great! Not too much pressure. Just right. Thank you!" D. Thompson

"My neck was sore and very tight. Emma was great. Felt amazing afterwards." J. Belloise

"Emma is one of my favorite Massage Therapists. She reads my muscles very good. Knows what I need." S. Morgan

"Emma has magical hands. The perfect pressure. She definitely put me to sleep a couple of times." S. Bell

"Excellent work! Thank you very much! I appreciated her methodical, unhurried approach to massage, and the pressure was exactly what I asked for" J. Carlton

"Thank you. You worked all my problem areas and paid extra attention to them!!" S. Goins

"Emma was very professional. The atmosphere provided was relaxing and enjoyable. Just what I needed after a long day at work." S. McCoy

"Emma was outstanding! She communicated well regarding pressure. She adjusted her routine to concentrate on trouble spots." V. Kovarik

"Emma explained everything during my first massage and made me feel very comfortable. I will be back and will bring my husband too." L. Pokorny

"Emma was very professional. Her technique was excellent, very relaxing. It was a truly enjoyable experience and I will return." M. Mousseu

"Emma is very pleasant and knowledgeable. She is excellent, absolutely 5 stars! Emma also told me where I was most tense and made suggestions for my next massage." P. Chambers

"Very good firm massage. Just what I like, and long strokes." S. Way

"Emma was wonderful! To be honest this was the best massage I have ever had here. Two things that made it stand out from other massages: Emma did a sinus pressure focus and it was so relaxing & wonderful. Second thing was when she massaged my legs I liked when she massaged my feet she covered my legs up. This massage was so relaxing. I have three kids at home, one a new born, and this massage was perfect from start to finish. I definitely will ask for Emma again. She set the bar for me." T. Perry

"Emma made all tension leave my body. She transitioned through each muscle group smoothly. Starting with my face, head was very relaxing and I especially enjoyed face muscles massage. I also enjoyed the added pressure applied to my back. ... Made me feel comfortable with each transition. Smooth even strokes & pressure. I especially enjoyed the face and hands massage since I work extensively with my hands. Her direction was soft so I stayed in a relaxed state throughout. I highly recommend her and looking forward to another massage." L. Houle

"She was awesome! Very nice and focused on areas that I told her about. Great job!!" S. Smith

"I had my first massage there with Emma. AMAZING!!!! Best massage I have gotten since moving here. She does your hands, feet and EVEN your KNEES. I would highly recommend her. " S. Godman

"Thank you so much Emma for my wonderful massage tonight. I look forward to my next one" K. Kisankowski

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